Professional Support

TrivialDev professional support plans are designed to help you to overcome all product-related issues when designing, developing, deploying, and delivering your solution using the Fusionforge.

Advantages of TrivialDev professional support

  • Highly professional: Support is realized by highly skilled experts who are part of the development team. They are well aware of how the solution works. Get the right answer in the minimal time frame.
  • Simple and clear business model: As opposed to many other players, we do not charge support per users or per projects registered in your Fusionforge instance. We use the “production” flag. You need one subscription per “production” flag set.
  • Designed SLAs: You can choose the SLA you need. We won’t let you in the dark however we will help you to choose the right SLA for your business.

Please note that our professional support contracts are designed for end-user enterprises. If you are embedding Fusionforge into other components, please visit our Consulting page.

Choose our professional support when you need

  • Configuration assistance or help resolving a performance bottleneck.
  • Bug fixes that must be addressed quickly and patches that must be automatically rolled into future product releases.
  • Assistance in upgrading components
  • Support with quick response times for business-critical applications.
  • Alerts about relevant bug fixes and patches, security holes, optimization tips, and more.

Examples of Ready-to-use Professional Support

Level Basic Extended
Contact Hours 9AM-5PM 5/7 8AM-8PM 5/7
Max Time To Repair 96h 48h
Max Time To Answer 8h 4h
Numbers of incidents 5 25

For more information about our services and to discuss your project in detail, please contact TrivialDev and ask for someone to meet with you at your earliest convenience.