Our Vision

A technological belief

TrivialDev selected bleeding edge technology to bring our components alive: HTML5, CSS3, high level javascript framework. TrivialDev Components use only open standard; no specific or closed protocols.

An opensource engagement

The TrivialDev Core Team do believe in opensource. We have been involved at different levels in opensource community for many years. That’s why we decided to make a clear statement of their opensource vision.

Enterprise vs. Community Editions

We do not provide an “Enterprise Edition” or a limited Community Edition (aka “Core edition”) of any opensource components we are involved into.
Because we believe in opensource, we think all opensource components must be driven by the community. TrivialDev is an actor into this community.
We are ready to take professional engagements on opensource components TrivialDev is involved. These engagements are defined together through services you need.

OpenSource Policies

As OpenSource Community Actor, TrivialDev has decided to publish our own opensource policies that apply to TrivialDev as a company.

    • All our developments will remain 100% free libre software.

We promise to keep our work as entirely free – libre software.

    • We will give back to the Free Software Community.

When we write new components, we will license them in a manner consistent with the TrivialDev Free Software Guidelines. We will make the best system we can, so that free works will be widely distributed and used. We will communicate things such as bug fixes, improvements and user requests to the “upstream” authors of works included in our system and will help “upstream” authors to include these fixes and improvements.

    • We Won’t Hide Problems

We will keep our entire bug report database open for public view at all times. Reports that people submit online will promptly become visible to others.

TrivialDev Free Software Guidelines

  • Source Code

We will publish the complete source including the build tool for any of components developed by TrivialDev.

  • License

TrivialDev will use only Free Open Source License such as GPL, LGPL, AGPL. Licenses of components included in TrivialDev software will be respected as well.

Freely inspired from the Debian Social Contract.