FusionForge Taskboard Plugin: setup trackers

This post is the second of a serie about the FusionForge Taskboard Plugin which comes with the new 6.0 version. You can find a small preview about this plugin features here.

This post will show you how to setup your trackers in your project to use the Taskboard plugin as a Scrum Task Board. Using wikipedia you can find an example of how looks like a Scrum Task Board:

The idea is to use one tracker to store the artifacts and another one for the User Stories and set specific extrafields to link artifacts to User Stories.

Configure the “Artifacts” tracker

Once you create the artifacts tracker, you need to add two extrafields for this tracker.

First one dedicated to “Status” must have as field alias “resolution” and be a status type. This extrafield will be used to link each column of the taskboard to specific resolution “Status”. The “resolution” status values are meaningful. Remember that your task board will link this resolution status to a phase of work. You do not need to set the values of this extrafield to the different names of the columns you want to create in your task board.

Second one “Relation between artifacts” is to link artifacts to the User Story. The field alias and name is free but remember your users need to know what is the purpose of this field. In our example the field name and alias are “user story”.

Here is a screenshot of the “artifacts” tracker extrafield configuration:

Configure the “User Stories” tracker

This tracker will be dedicated to store all user stories. For this tracker, you need to create only one mandatory extrafields. Still a second one is good to setup.

First mandatory extrafield is a “Target Release” select box type extrafield. The field alias MUST be “release”. It will be use to filter the Taskboard per release and display only User Stories that need to be done during the release.

Second optional extrafield is again a “Resolution” field and be a status field to be able to work at user story level.

Here is a screenshot of the “User Stories” tracker extrafield configuration:

Now you are ready to setup your Taskboard Plugin. Next post will show you how to use your new trackers.

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