FusionForge Taskboard Plugin: preview

In the forthcoming FusionForge 6.0 release, a new plugin is landing as announced here the Taskboard plugin.

This small post aims to answer to some basic questions. In a next post, we will try to help you to setup this plugin.

What kind of features can I expect from this plugin?

Taskboard plugin implements the Scrum Task Board. That means you can create your User Stories using one tracker, create your artifacts linked to user stories using a second tracker and display it like this screenshot. The backend used is the standard tracker module. You can continue to use your trackers in parallel. You just need some setup before using TaskBoard plugin (meaning: Taskboard configuration itself plus some mandatory tracker extrafields). This setup will be presented in a next post.

Can I filter per user story, release or assignee?

Currently, you can only filter per release or per assignee. You cannot just select one user story. If you need this feature, do not hesitate to request it here. You can also tick per column to wrap the user story, that way you will display much more user stories on one screen if you have a lot of artifacts per user story.

Is it a drag & drop board?

Yes. You select the card and you can move it the the dedicated column. Each column is linked to a specific resolution status on the drop action. The update is automatic.

When I move a card, will it be assign to me?

By default, the behaviour is not to assign the card to the updater. But configuration can allow it.

I found a bug, where do I report it?

Thank you for your feedback. There you can open a bug.

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