Monthly FusionForge report January 2015

2 major news this month. We hope you like as much as we do these two announcements.

6.0 stabilisation branch open

Yes! Finally, 6.0 branch is open. Time for stabilization, testing. You can grab the code here. Do not hesitate to open bugs. We need your feedback, especially on the migration part. Since the SCM integration has been rewritten, migration path might be tricky. Use the forum for help. The docman webdav read/write access need polishing. Feedback also welcome on this topic.

Agile Kanban Taskboard plugin

Even if we are focus on stabilisation, a new plugin appears: TaskBoard. Initially, this plugin targets 5.1 branch and it’s a nice piece of work done by Vitaliy Pylypiv. Based on the tracker module, this plugin reuses created trackers and artefacts. Port to FusionForge master is underway. Here is the first preview of the Taskboard:

Taskboard plugin source for master is available here. More documentation to come once the plugin is ready to use.

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