FusionForge 2014 retro & 2015 future

The turn of the year is now behind us, maybe it’s time to do a small FusionForge retrospective.

2014 has been a very active year for FusionForge, lot of activities, lot of news. Facts: about 3190 commits, 14 commiters, over 150 artifacts closed and 120 artifacts open, one major & three maintenance releases.

Here is a small focus on three main topics. You need more detail? Read all the previous blog entries.

Major release 5.3

Just after the April Fools’ day, FusionForge community released the 5.3 version. Two maintenance releases has been made public since then, fixing lots of bugs and including small enhancements. The 5.3 releases have been downloaded 1200 times. Quite a good statistic!

New commiters arrrive!

2014 is also the year where FusionForge community grew. Beuc joins us. Inria sponsored him with a full time job. And by the end of the 2014 year, vipylypiv started to publish his code in FusionForge main community website.

6.0 is on the road

After the commiters’ meeting in Paris, some major features has been announced and popped up in the FusionForge git repository: document webdav access, FRS code rewrite, responsiveness, SCM ssh + dav concurrent access, Grand Unified Makefile aka GUM and many other rewrites, enhancements, bugfixes.

And now 2015?

Obviously 6.0 is in our mind. We need first to branch the 6.0 in our git repository. You can find the included features here. The branching should be done this January. Then RC and then the GA. If everything goes smooth: targeted date is April Fools’ of course.

Want to join? Do not hesitate FusionForge is the real opensource Forge! We need you!

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