Monthly FusionForge Report October 2014

New widget : My latest commits & Project latest commits

These widgets will help you to display easily on your homepage (user or project) the commits published on the main repository of the project or the commits you published on the projects where you have at least scm read access.


The “My latest Commits” supports preferences. You can set the number of commits you want to show per project. Default value is 5.

Currently both widgets only work with subversion or git scm plugins. Mercurial support should land soon.

Webdav docman support

This artefact lists all the commits on this topic. This month, “renaming” file or folder is now available. Since most of the webdav commands are now implemented, it’s time for testing. Do not hesitate to test and report.

How to use it? We assume you have a FusionForge git master install. You need to install the pear module “HTTP_WebDAV_Server”. It’s usually available thru pear or packaged in your favorite distribution. Once installed, you need to enable webdav in your FusionForge installation. Set the flag “use_webdav” to “yes” in your config.ini files. Now projects using docman module will be able to enable webdav access in the administration panel of the docman module.

One limitation: there is no anonymous access yet. You need a valid account with at least docman read access.

Hudson / Jenkins plugin bugfixes

TrivialDev fixes the following small bugs in the Hudson / Jenkins plugin:

  • #740: wrong status displayed when no job is available.
  • #742: jobs not deleted from database on project deletion

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