Monthly FusionForge report September 2014

From now on, the Monthly Report will be the “Monthly FusionForge Report”. That makes more sense since this report is dedicated to TrivialDev work on FusionForge. So what’s new?

FusionForge 5.3.2 release

Second maintenance release of the 5.3 serie, this release is also a security release. If you use previous version of FusionForge, please update or at least apply the security fix available here.

This release includes a massive SCM stats fix. You need to rebuild the SCM stats to get older data from your SCM repository. The cronjob gather_scm_stats.php can be re-execute with option to rebuild the SCM stats. Depending of your deployment size, you may need to use the following option:

  • “all”: rebuild from the registration date of the project
  • “allepoch”: rebuild from epoch. Use it only if you have imported older SCM repository than the registration date.
  • “group_id”: can be use to run the cronjob against one project only.

Details of the 5.3.2 release is here.

Direct download link here.

SCM Mercurial (HG) Plugin

Some enhancements landed in the SCM Mercurial Plugin.

  • the commits activity is now displayed in the “Activity” tab. The link points to the commit detail.
  • the “Repository History” block is now available.

AuthLDAP Plugin

FusionForge can use multiple Authentication plugins following PAM design (sufficient, requires). AuthLDAP plugin is used to plug any LDAP server to FusionForge. ActiveDirectory is now supported.

FusionForge 6.0

Oh! Ho! Next FusionForge major version starts to be a real subject in our community weekly meeting. Major contributors agree the following steps for Fusionforge 6.0:

  • feature freeze: next Xmas, Dec. 25, 2014
  • final release: March 2015.

We’ll see if we can be on schedule!

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