Monthly report July – August 2014

During this working vacation, TrivialDev Core Team focus their effort on multiple elements.

FRS module enhancement

TrivialDev Core Team starts a mediawiki page to gather ideas & wishes about FRS. Do not hesitate to contribute. Once the FRS code reorganised, new features landed these last months.

  • FRS role setting has been reimplemented to offer more precise roles per package. You can now delegate admin role per package or even delegate only releases administration in a package. A migration script is provided to help you to update your database. Still the “public” flag of a package is unclear and need to be polish.

  • Mass action has started to appear too. You can now select multiple packages and delete them at once.

Forum Attachment Files

  • As Tracker and Docman previously, Forum module now stores the attachments on the filesystem.

Tracker module

  • Few bugfixes, some really annoying such as “custom field status” initialisation data was missing [#712]. Remember that bugfixes lands into maintenance Branch. New feature lands into master Branch.
  • About new feature, you can now use multi-select extrafield to build your roadmap, because sometime a bug belongs to multiple releases.


You can always find FusionForge roadmap with all new bugfixes, features or accepted patches here.



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