Monthly report June 2014

TrivialDev Core Team focus their effort on the FRS module.

FRS : the File Release System

FusionForge provide a simple way to publish deliverables of a project. Deliverables (binaries, sources, documents, …) are organized by package. A package can have multiple versions. Each package can be monitored by user. The FRS system is a very handy place for publishing new versions of your project. Still, up to the 5.3 branch, the FRS code was old, not very easy to maintain. Adding new features to FRS require a clean code reorganisation first. Well, it’s done. Now the code organisation follows the same pattern than the docman module. The FRS “monitored package” user widget is available and the FRS link is displayed in the “Public Area” widget, just as any other tools.

And now ? A wiki page is available about FRS rewrite proposition. Next step is to rewrite the permission settings, the same way the tracker is doing it. Meaning, permissions per package.

Feel free to open feature request about FRS here.

FusionForge 5.3.1 available

As announce here, FusionForge 5.3.1 has been published last June 6th. It’s a cumulative bugfix release. At least 37 bugs are fixed. Please update.

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