Monthly report April 2014

Since the FusionForge 5.3 final release, TrivialDev core Team focus his effort on the FusionForge future.

Until now, many users complain about no visible roadmap, no release plan. FusionForge community is a do-ocraty: meaning, the community is not structured around a BDFL or some kind of hierarchy. FusionForge community is based on voluntarism: if a member is ready to do it, then he can do it. Still there are some community core members which try to create a global logic view. By the way, what is a community core member? It’s a long time involved person into FusionForge who has commit rights and a long history of commits. That said, anyone can become community core member.

Last April 18, FusionForge community core members met. Here is a simple report of our discussion: FusionForge April 18, 2014 Meeting report.

So, what users can expect from the next FusionForge version:

  • more responsiveness: FusionForge architecture is based on a frontend written in PHP and a cronjob backend (mostly in PHP too). The idea of cronjob is : doing mass actions. That way FusionForge is able to handle massive deployment. (>5000 projects, >10000 users). The limitation of this approach is the delay between the user request and the treatment. Next version will come with a new way to execute user request.
  • Javascript cleanup: FusionForge uses jQuery UI as standard framework. Still sometime we provide multiple extensions to do the same thing. We will try to avoid that situation as much as possible. Why tipsy while we have jQuery UI tooltip? Why specific code when a jQuery UI widget is available? FusionForge theme should also offer a better integration with jQuery UI theme.
  • Document manager webdav full support: A tricky feature, Webdav is not an easy protocol. Every software client has his own implementation and subtil manner to do Webdav. Due to¬†3 features currently missing: document version, workflow, webdav write access, many users set up other tools for document management (sometimes without any good reasons…). FusionForge next release will offer webdav write support. Webdav read access is already available in 5.3.
  • Rewrite of the File Release System: FusionForge provides a simple way to publish artefacts. Still the frontend code is old and messy. It need a vast cleanup / rewrite to get the possibility to offer new features such as: SCM release, integration with document manager, create the changelog using the Tasks and Trackers.

Probably other features will be part of the next FusionForge release. Community members agree to release it by the end of 2014. Roadmap available here.

By the way, what will be the release number? 6.0 or 5.4. We do not know yet. It’s still under heavy discussion between community members.

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