Monthly report March 2014

TrivialDev core team has focus his efforts on one topic this month, the 5.3 release.

Fusionforge 5.3 final release

After 4 release candidates, Fusionforge 5.3 is finally released. The official announcement is here. TrivialDev is proud to be part of this release. Fusionforge 5.3 includes some major contributions from TrivialDev. Here are some highlights of TrivialDev work :

  • The document manager now stores the files on the filesystem. Your database will be lighter. You can monitor a directory and be notice of activities about this directory. A basic reporting is now available. It follows the same standard as the FRS report. New created directories are displayed in the project activity tab. A new widget “Document Project Activity” lands. You can easy see new or updates files, new directories, in the last 4 weeks.
  • The SSH keys management has been rewritten. Some informations are now available such as fingerprint, deploy flag, easy delete action.
  • The FRS report is now available as a graphic.
  • All graphics are now jqPlot based. The old jpgrah php library dependancy has been dropped.
  • The MyArtifacts widget now displays the monitored artifacts as well. It helps to follow your work.
  • Direct access for online browsing your personal clone repositories.
  • SCM activity (commits) are now displayed in the project activity tab.
  • The scmhook plugin has been enhanced superseding old svncommitemail and svntracker email. Git has new hooks: commitTracker and commitEmail too.
  • Basic PHPCaptcha integration thru a plugin.
  • headermenu plugin helps you to create new menu entries in login, main and project tab menus.
  • webanalytic plugin offers the capacity to interact with tools such as piwik.

You can download Fusionforge 5.3 here. Any feedback ( is welcome.

Open our creative mind to build the next Fusionforge

Since Fusionforge 5.3 is now released, TrivialDev now focus on new features for next Fusionforge. Some ideas pop up. There are still in rough design. Still here are some tips :

  • the FRS module will be rewritten to offer better integration with SCM and probably artefact repository. (Relation with document manager already lands in the master code)
  • the User Diary feature will be … well … we do not know yet but that could be a rather nice new piece of Fusionforge.
  • the effort on the document management will continue. Webdav ? Maybe. Too soon to tell for sure.

You can also help us and create you own feature requests here.

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