Monthly report February 2014

Fusionforge 5.3, release candidate

Core Team focused their effort on the forthcoming Fusionforge 5.3. First release candidate was available last February 3th, second release candidate is now available since last February 22th. Next release candidate in schedule for march 7th and final release is schedule to march 21. We still need to focus on the install-ng script, a helper for quickly install Fusionforge with basic configuration. Any feedback is welcome.

Direct link for downloading last release candidate.

New feature : add documents from docman to FRS

TrivialDev is pleased to announce a new feature in the FRS module. You can now add a document from the docman module into a release created thru the FRS. No need anymore to download the file from docman and then publish it into FRS. Here a small screenshot of this feature.

New feature Activity view : PM module integration

The project activity tab is a easy place to find all activities in your project. Still some activities were missing. Now core team add support for the PM (tasks) module.The needed screenshot below.

Bybye Tabber.js

Fusionforge community choose to use jQuery framework as standard js. This time, Fusionforge switchs Tabber.js to jQuery.UI tabs.

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