Monthly report January 2014

Git Tracker Hook

It’s been a long waited feature. But it’s now full published in the main Fusionforge community repository. The scmhook plugin support now  Git <-> Tracker Hook. To use it, you need to enable Tracker in your project, enable SCM and select Git repository, enable scmhook plugin. Currently, since Fusionforge is only support Git ssh or webdav accesss, you must use ssh to enable the hook. It’s by design limitation. Git does not support hook thru webdav.

Stabilization branch Fusionforge 5.3

Fusionforge 5.2 was released September 2012. It was time to make a new major release. The 5.3 branch open January 14, 2014. TrivialDev Core Team focus their effort on fixing bugs. The first release candidate should be available in couple of days. Stay tune and we need your feedback.

Tracker Vote System

Since 5.3 branch is now open, it’s also time to merge new features in Fusionforge master. A old patchset provided by Evolvis (Fusionforge fork) was waiting. This patch offers the capability to vote for issues in tracker. It extends the role system. You can now set role with “vote” on tracker. Here is a preview of this feature :

Fusionforge 6.0

Since 5.3 branch is open, community agree to start a new round of development. This time, next version should be 6.0. It’s time to open new feature requests. Some new requests are open about Git integration (such as support for smart http), so do not be shy, your contribution is more than welcome.

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