Monthly report December 2013, a Fusionforge retrospective

Cleaning, fixing code

Our Core Team focused their efforts on the forthcoming Fusionforge 5.3 release, fixing bugs (9 closed this month), cleaning code (indenting, adding PHP documentation).

Fusionforge retrospective

2013 year has been for Fusionforge a stabilization year and a preparation for the next major release 5.3. We released 5.2.1, 5.2.2 & 5.2.3, even the 5.1 branch has a new release 5.1.2. These 4 releases were bugfix oriented.

In 2013, the code base grow by 40k lines (from 520k to 560k). In details, 40k lines of PHP added, 10k of HTML added and 10k of Javascript dropped (moslty due to cleaning javascript multiples libraries mess).

11 contributors worked on Fusionforge this year making 1700 commits, modifying 2900 files. TrivialDev Core Team represent 23% of the contribution.

The master branch looks ready for the new release. We already presented on this blog some of the new features, enhancements include in Fusionforge master. Here is an incomplete list :

  • docman & tracker now store the files on the filesystem. In 5.2, both tools store the files in database.
  • more activity informations : new directory created in docman is display, scmsvn & scmgit support activity too.
  • new plugins appear : headermenu helps you to add links in different Fusionforge menus, captcha based on phpcaptcha, webanalytics offers easy integration with piwik tool
  • some plugins are replaced by extinsting enhanced plugins : scmhook now replaced the old svncommitemail, svntracker.
  • HTML5 start to be use when possible, especially the new options of the <input> tag.

And now what next ?

TrivialDev Core Team will continue to focus on cleaning the Fusionforge backlog (bugs, patchs & feature requests) and work on rewrite some major Fusionforge features, so stay tune.

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