Monthly report November 2013

During this month, TrivialDev Core Team were focus on 3 points.

Closing issues in the Fusionforge Trackers

8 issues were closed this month. Some were quite old like this one [#353]. TrivialDev Core Team will continue to close, triage, answer to all the open issues. It’s a long effort. We are very sorry that so many issues are still not answer after all these years. Since last February, when TrivialDev start to focus effort on the open issues (features request, bugs, patchs), patches tracker goes from 50 to 16 open issues, bugs tracker goes from 111 to 88. Features tracker is still high : 80 open.

Add support in the “send a message to user” page to phpcaptcha plugin

Fusionforge offers capability to send a email to any Fusionforge registered user by using a dedicated form. Since this form is open to anyone (even not logged user), it’s a perfect place to use phpcaptcha plugin to assure sender is not a bot. This feature is now available in the Fusionforge git master branch. Captcha is only display when not logged user “use the send a message to user” page. Feel free to report any bug.

Git Tracker Hook Status

We still need time to fix issues with the Git Tracker Hook. We hope to publish the code in the Fusionforge git master branch as soon as we can. In the meantime we can follow our work there.

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