Monthly report September 2013

Bad news this month, one of our core member has a serious crash machine. tiben was working on the next git tracker hook. We thought first we could merge his work during september. With the crash, tiben lost a complete week. His work may land in Fusionforge community source next month.

Cleaning Javascript

Our team worked also on the feature #578. You can find the current code here. During the Coclico project, Fusionforge merged code from other fork. Codendi is one of famous Fusionforge fork. The widget system is codendi code based. But Fusionforge is using jQuery and the widget system is based on Prototype.JS + scriptaculous framework.

Rewriting the code helped us to drop old specific codendi javascript, and probably fix some bugs in the “custom layout builder”. Bybye multiple javascript framework loading. Less code means less bug. You can grab the code here. Any feedback welcome.

Open World Forum 2013

TrivialDev Founder was invited to the last Open World Forum 2013, for the opening Cocktail. It was a friendly time to meet other major opensource actors.

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