Monthly report July – August 2013

Bye bye jpgraph, hello jqPlot, Teamwok Gantt and jQuery

A long time effort made by TrivialDev has been finally merged into Fusionforge master branch community repository. Old jpgraph code has been drop and replaced by javascript jqPlot library. jqPlot is a jQuery based plotting library. All informations about jqPlot are available here. Really easy to use. Here is an example of the new jqPlot graphic.

Even in the Task module, the old jpgraph based Gantt has been rewritten in javascript. This time, Teamwork Gantt library is used. Teamwork Gantt library is also jQuery based. Task module now offers dependencies tracking in Gantt view.


Enjoy ! Any feedback is welcome.

Phpcaptcha plugin

A long waited requested feature is now implemented in Fusionforge. You can now activate at Forge level a small captcha (currently image only) in the new account register page. This plugin will help you to secure your public Fusionforge instance against spam robot. Phpcaptcha plugin is available in Fusionforge master branch.

To use this plugin, you need to install phpcaptcha on your server. Just download last version of phpcaptcha, uncompress the archive in any directory you want, set this path in config.ini  and files. Reload your httpd server. Enable the plugin in your Fusionforge instance. And there it is !

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