Monthly report June 2013

Bugs & cleaning code

Fusionforge inherits code from first implementation of SourceForge, back in 1999. Code has been rewritten object oriented in 2004. Still, a vast part of the code does not follow same coding rules. Undeclared variable, undefined index in array, unused variables, wrong variables used are common errors. Cleaning such code takes time. After 3 years of efforts, fusionforge code is cleaner, still bugs exist.

2 major bugs have been reported and fixed in docman this month. Moving folders to trash implementation was incomplete. People with submit right in docman was not able to submit files. These two bugs are fixed in master. Another minor bug fixed: wrong computation of upload size limit.

jqplot implementation

Most graphs are implemented. Old jpgrah code has been drop. Tests are being done using data coming from the community Fusionforge site. Here is a preview of same graphs using jqplot and jpgraph.

The Project management graphs are not implemented yet. The gantt chart will probably be the most difficult to implement. Some other graphs are still missing, such as the survey result graphs. You can grab and test the code here. Any feedback welcome.

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