Monthly report May 2013

Another monthly report. Our coreteam were focus on 2 items.


As presented here, scmhook is a complete solution for handling hooks in your scm repository. Currently, scmhook support subversion, mercurial and git. scmhook aims to replace older plugins such as svntracker, svncommitemail. Well, now, it’s done. Our coreteam fixed the commitTracker hook for svn and published migration script from svntracker and svncommitemail to scmhook. Time for upgrading your db and test. Please report any bug you may find. This update is in Fusionforge master branch.


Fusionforge jqplot integration has been announce a while ago now. Things are moving slowly. You can follow development in this specific public branch. This branch is based on master. Current status is :

  • full support in project view. In project pages, all graphs are using jqplot. If you disable javascript, the fallback is the old jpgraph implementation. Attention, some jpgraph implementations are buggy. jqplot implementation may differ slightly.
  • all forge admin graphs are still using jpgraph. That part is under jqplot implementation.

Some screenshots of jqplot implementation are published on our tumblr blog. This public branch will be merge in fusionforge master when all graphs are implement. Stay tune.

About Tumblr blog, it will be used to publish fusionforge screenshot of any new work in progress.


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