Monthly report March 2013

During this month, TrivialDev team has worked on 2 topics.

SCMHook plugin enhancement.

Last month, TrivialDev core contributor tiben published in his own public repository scmgit commitemail hook. This feature is now merged into the main master Fusionforge git repository. TrivialDev team is now working on the Commit – Tracker / Task link. It’s a common use to link a commit to a specific tracker or task. scmsvn plugin already has such support in scmhook. Even a dedicated plugin is still available SVNTracker, but obsolete since scmhook aims to offer a common way to handle hooks in every SCM plugin. We hope to get back to you quickly with a fully functional new hook for scmgit.

RBAC and Fusionforge feature dependencies

Fusionforge offers a complete set of features for each project created from tracker to documentation, source management, mailing-list, forums, … All theses features can be activated, deactivated on creation or per use. You may not need forum in your project. Fusionforge uses a role-based access control to handle correctly all privileges per user in any project. The mix of the RBAC system and the Fusionforge features made some error locks. i.e : unable to create a mailing-list if forum feature was not enable among other feature lock situation. It’s now fixed in both Branch 5.2 and master.

Other informations

On the community side, a heavy effort has been made by Yannick Le Ny to reorganize the wiki documentation pages about plugins. Thank to him. The main page has been revamp and reorganize. Each plugin has his own description page. Do hot hesitate to provide your feedback, describe your experience.

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