Monthly report February 2013

This month was focused on scmgit plugin.

scmgit offers integration for git dvcs. During last community meeting in october 2012, fusionforge tea decided to switch from subversion to git as main scm tool. Last december, TrivialDev team follows the switch and made git as the main scm tool used in TrivialDev company.

This switch shows us some scmgit plugin limitations.

Git http dav support

scmgit can be setup to use git+ssh protocol or http dav protocol (respectively use_ssh or use_dav in the scmgit.ini configuration file). git+ssh authentification is based on nss (Name Service Switch Fusionforge configuration help) http dav authentification is based on mod_dav httpd module.

When using nss authentification, fusionforge checks if your username belongs to the right group to offer you commit rights. With http dav, fusionforge 5.2 just checks if your username has declared in a common AuthUserFile. And this is bad… Any users declared in the AuthUserFile has commit rights on any project even if the user is not a member of the project.

Inspired by this thread, TrivialDev core team publish a specific git branch to support proper http dav authentification. Tests are underway before merge into main fusionforge master git repository. This branch creates one httpd Location per project with one AuthUserFile per project. At least now, http dav Authentification works correctly.

Git and scmhook commitemail

TrivialDev core team member tiben published in his personal fusionforge clone repository another scmhook enhancement offering scmgit commitemail hook. We are currently testing the feature in our lab before merging in the main fusionforge master git repository. Thank tiben for contributing.

Git and activity tab

Project’s activity tab shows what’s new in the project: new forum article, new issue in the tracker, new documents, and new commit. Scmgit plugin supports activity but per default, the activity page did not display the scmgit activity even if the Git commits entry was selected. The bug has been fixed and merge in the fusionforge master. TrivialDev team enhanced also the activity log by displaying the author. This enhancement is based on the require_unique_email flag to match the commit email used and the user email in the database.

Other Fusionforge bugfixes

Based on patches French Ministry of National Education, we fixed some bugs in project-hierarchy plugin, widgets display for project and personal page, docman folders tree.

Extratab plugin has been obsolete by headermenu plugin and so is removed from the tree. Your database needs to be upgrade using the migration script provided.


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