Monthly report January 2013

Since December was focus on migration our infrastructure, we add more time to contribute on fusionforge.

Fusionforge offers a plugin system. Sometime contributions create very close plugins in terms of fonctionnality. That was the case of headermenu and extratabs, both wrapper offering new tab in menu. Request 507 has been made to merge these plugins. Well, it’s done ! Fusionforge master has now a full featured headermenu plugin, and extratabs is now obsolete. A migration script is provided. Use the upgrade-db.php will the “headermenu” option.

On the community side, the Facebook Fusionforge group is created. Join us ! And feel free to give your point of view about Fusionforge, share your experience, ask for help.

New stable release are available. These are mostly bugfixes releases. Direct link for download 5.1.2, 5.2.1. Enjoy !

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