Monthly report November 2012

November has been a low contribution month from TrivialDev to Fusionforge.

In master branch, docman now stores files in filesystem. This migration can be done using db script published (take a look at src/db directory if you’re not aware of the way we handle db update). Your database will be much lighter. No more blob stores in db. Tracker file attachments are also stored in filesystem. Both tracker and docman are using the same mecanism.

Still few bugs has been fixed in master about docman. The “inject tree” feature is now fully operational. Previously the injection was made wrong. The tree hierarchy created was not as expected. “inject tree” feature allows you to upload a zip file including directories and files. This zip is uncompress and each files and directories are created according the way the zip is. Currently only zip format is supported.

Fusionforge contributors team decided to use only jQuery JS framework. Still old JS is available in the source tree using other and various framework. The master branch jQuery part has been update to the last stable version. jQuery is now 1.8.3, jQuery UI 1.9.2, jQuery SimpleTree 1.5.0.

The scmgit plugin comes with a simple widget which lists your personal cloned repositories. A link has been added to help you to browse your repository online.

jqPlot integration continues. We hope to contribute this part by the end of the year.


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