Monthly report October 2012

From now on, TrivialDev will present a monthly report of his Fusionforge activities. Just a few words on topic such as bug squashing, small enhancements or any other thoughts related to Fusionforge.

Last 10th was the Fusionforge community day. A nice face to face meeting. All major contributors were around the table presenting their work. Major decision is to switch from subversion to git as DVCS. Fusionforge was long time running subversion. Git was behind the hood for a while. Now, decision has been made : Git is our primary SCM tool.

Roadmap feature is now available on Easy to follow what is going on and what is planned. This feature will help us to build the next release. We discovered some old hidden forgotten bug reports, patches, feature requests, sorry about this. We will try to do better next time.

Few docman bugs have been fixed in 5.1 branche. Notice mails have been rewritten to be mailman compatible. Easy to include docman notifications into mailing-lists now. Docman search engine should run smoothly now. Supported Mime-type are pdf, odt, odp, doc, text plain or html. All these fixes have been ported to 5.2 and master branches. Don’t forget to reindex your data once you update your installation.

A nasty bug has been fixed in scmhook plugin which could lead to a complete loss of your hooks configuration. Fix available in master.





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