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Fusionforge used to have a quite limited feature for document management. It was very basic, hard to use, with unknown or hidden options… After couple years of rewrite and enhancement (roadmap of docman rewrite proposal is available here : https://fusionforge.org/plugins/mediawiki/wiki/fusionforge/index.php/Docman_rewrite_proposition), Fusionforge has now a nice document manager. Still, some features are missing such as version (planned) or complete webdav support (read-only is available).

Since Fusionforge 5.2 is out, docman has now landed with cool features :

  • The document tree has been rewritten, using jquery and extensions such as tipsy. You can have direct informations such as author, number of files per status.
  • The file edition is now done in a modal window.
  • Trash is now directly accessible. No more digging into hidden page to find a deleted file and restore it.
  • Mass actions can be done (i.e delete selected files in one click)
  • Pending files are available in the main window. Easy to validate them.
  • Complete integration with the “project hierarchy” plugin offers direct access to files from child projects and search into the hierarchical tree.
  • Tooltips are present everywhere. (You can disable this feature in your page account).
  • docman actions (new, update files or new directory) are listed in the project’s activity page.
  • new widgets : last 5 documents published in the project (project summary page) or in my projects (user page)

Enough writing, some pictures :

Docman in Fusionforge 4.8 seriesdocman in fusionforge 4.8.3

Docman in Fusionforge 5.2docman in fusionforge 5.2 with hierarchy

Enjoy !

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