A Fusionforge Scmhook Introduction

Scmhook is an initiative to gather all hooks for different SCM plugins and offering a common way to handle them. Scmhook started focus on SCM SVN plugin. It aims to replace all previous plugins like svncommitemail, svntracker. At start, scmhook offers basic SVN hooks such as check if the commit message log is not empty, if the mimetype is correctly set. With the time, scmhook has support for more sophisticated hooks such as allow commiters to change revision properties (enhancement made by Alcatel-Lucent).
Actually 5 different hooks are included for Subversion.

Sometimes, hook is available only if specific fusionforge feature is enable. It is obvious that pushing commit message log to mailing-list need mailing-list enabled and specific mailing-list created. Such check is done per hook. No surprise if hook is not selectable in the list. A tooltip tells what is missing.

From now on, scmhook also offers hook support for SCM Mercurial plugin. Thanks to Denise Patzker for the patch. Initially as a plugin, this patch has been merged into scmhook. It offers to push all commit messages to be push to the commit mailing-list.

How it works ?
You need to activate the scmhook plugin at forge level, then each project can activate the scmhook plugin. The menu appears at the project’s SCM administration page. You select the hooks you need and validate. A cronjob will deploy for you the hooks. Same is done for deselect. Once you validate, you need to wait the cronjob do his job before modifying your hook selection.

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