New Fusionforge webanalytic plugin & enhancements

New plugin Webanalytics has landed (subversion revision 15704). This plugin offers a basic integration with web analytics tool such as piwik or Google Analytics. You can now have a clear view of the usage of your Fusionforge instance. Remember some limitations : you wont be able to get statistic from navigation done inside an iframe (i.e: viewvc in scmsvn plugin is iframe based).

Another topic, ssh key management has been revamped (subversion revision 15712). User has now more information about their keys like fingerprint, uploaded date and most important : is the key ready to use ?

The database storage back-end has been rewritten too with more efficient cronjob. No more complete rewrite of the authorized_keys file even if there is no change.

All these news are currently available in Fusionforge trunk.

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